Using our Migraine Killer Device an hour and a half, at least 2 or 3 times a day your migraine and insomnia will disappear. Your health will benefit as it increases blood flow by 100% in the area where it is applied. This triggers a chain of metabolic reactions, thus balancing the acidic PH to neutral, which liberates oxygen.  This oxygen is taken to the cell energizing the enzymes, which reduces free radicals that are responsible for the deterioration of our bodies.  Energy is liberated when the ATP (energy molecules) synthesis increases.  Metabolic toxins like lactic acid are drained, which diminishes cellular swelling edemas.
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Invest only once in our Magnetic Biotherapies.
You can develop your own treatment in your home with our Migraine Killer Device.

Magnetic Biotherapy, 30-day trial in the comfort of your home. If your migraine or insomnia has not disappeared or improved within those 30 days, you can return the Migraine Killer Device and we will refund your money. We will only retain the shipping and handling costs. Nothing to lose, just your migraine.

The patient can adapt it to his head easily, avoiding all kinds of discomfort. Its powerful magnetic field called neodymium, is carefully calibrated in 3/4" diameter by 3/16" thick with 0.3 tesla per pole. They are oriented in north - south, set in a solid plastic base fixed to a 1/8" enameled stainless steel rods that forms a half-hoop.

When placed on your head, it may go unnoticed, its aesthetic and lightweight construction guarantees the patient total comfort. Therapy should be started using the north (N), on the right side of his head, if after 15 minutes of therapy, the patient does not feel comfortable then, you should turn it so as to place the south (S), on the right side of the head. After identifying the correct position, you should continue using it that way. The patient will not feel discomfort from the Migraine Killer, nor in its worst moment of migraines. It is designed for the most sensitive migraines. It is recommended that you use the Migraine Killer Device for an hour and a half at least 2 or 3 times a day. In most cases, the migraine disappears within the first hour of therapy. It is recommended that once the migraine has disappeared, the patient use the Migraine Killer once a day for 90 minutes to prevent future migraine episodes. The neurological benefits of these therapies are endless, do not fail to realize them.

See detailed information and instructions for use.
It is designed for the most sensitive and painful migraines. Avoid expensive medications and temporary improvements with our Magnetic Biotherapies.
Treatment for migraine, headache and insomnia.
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Can this simple device cure my migraine? That is what I wondered 15 years ago, when I developed the first device to cure the migraine that affected me for years. Give me a chance to help you, you have nothing to lose, only your migraine or insomnia. We need you to help other suffering patients, once you use our magnetic biotherapy, tell me about your experience. By sending me an email to - magnetichealer.usa@gmail.com


If traditional medicine has not improved your condition, magnetic biotherapy will eliminate it. Guaranteed

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Solid plastic base with a powerful neodymium magnetic field of 0.3 tesla of power.
Solid plastic base.

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Two enameled stainless steel bars.